We Know Alyson

Endorsements and Testimonials

Holley Scheffel

Teacher, Potomac Senior High School

"The children and staff of PWCS need a level-headed leader who will demonstrate leadership and not be distracted by running for a higher office. I think Alyson would be a great Chair!"

Glendell Hill

Sheriff, Prince William County

“I’ve known Alyson for a while and she’s done a great job representing her district. She will be an excellent Chairman.”

Douglas Burney and Jaime Burney

Choral Director, Battlefield High School and Local Voice Teacher

“Alyson is a champion for all students and employees of the school division. Through her leadership
and integrity, it is our belief our county will continue to lead the charge in educational excellence.”

Amelia May

Community Advocate, Local Attorney, PWCS Parent

“Alyson is the level-headed education advocate that we need leading our School Board. In a world of
hyper-partisanship, she has a long history of bringing the community together.”

Rojan Robotham

Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force, Department of Education Military Student Process Action Team, PWCS Parent

“Military children face unique educational challenges. Alyson is a great advocate for military families. I
am excited to support her campaign for Chairman.”

Julie Schifflin

PWCS Parent and Volunteer

"Mrs. Satterwhite has been activity involved in all aspects of education in Prince William County. As the School board representative for the Gainesville District, Mrs. Satterwhite has proven time and again that the children of Prince William County are her first priority."


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